Brain injury: a full time job

Wow, it’s been awhile. Sorry, loyal readers.

Lots of news! I just moved up to Sugarloaf, ten minutes outside of Boulder, and the tranquility of the mountains has been a potent medicine already.  Mom’s been visiting me, driving me to my appointments (and helping me keep track of them!). I’m seeing eight different doctors and three different rehab therapists! Plus I go to “hyperbaric therapy” six days a week and sleep in the chamber for 90 minutes:

Hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric chamber. Loving the nap-time. (That

I can’t complain about the hyperbaric therapy. Honestly I love the guaranteed nap in a quiet chamber every day.

Oh, and I’m sleeping over 12 hours a night. 12 hours sleep, hyperbaric, one or two other doctors appointments or rehab sessions around town, plus 2 hours of rehab “homework” every day, and an hour mandatory nap. Do the math; there aren’t too many more hours in a day!

I’ve still been able to get out for some runs, though — I never would have thought that running could be so much fun. The great mountains and trails of Boulder surely help!

That brings us to my final point: Rudy doesn’t ride so much anymore. The doctors don’t want me to touch a bike for two full years. Important upcoming dates:

  • March 19, 2012: Rudy can drink again.
  • March 19, 2013: Rudy can ride again!
  • June, 2014: Rudy gets a Ph.D.?

So, it seems like, for now at least, the days in which rudyrides have come to an end (although the woman working at the cafe did just call me out as a cyclist – I had to explain the whole story…). But my legs are hairy, and my tan lines are fading away. Thank you for reading. If you find yourself in Boulder in the next few months, or New Haven, CT anytime over the next few years, look me up. I bid you all farewell — for now, at least.


~ by awerbuch on July 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Brain injury: a full time job”

  1. Hey, Rudy!
    I’ve been meaning to email you and get together, share war stories and such. My head has been getting better, but goes through some relapses every now and then. I’ll be starting hyperbaric oxygen therapy pretty soon. Have you been finding it helpful? Also there’s a 3 day hike North of RMNP I’ve been thinking about doing, along with some company. At this point I’m probably saving it for after treatment.

  2. […] exciting adventures, and…challenges…to put it euphemistically. I wrote a bit about my recovery, hiking, etc. on the blog, and then I signed off and “closed the blog”. Or so I […]

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