…and another thing!

Man that felt good.  I’m going to do one more (got to balance-out all the upbeat-ness lately, right?).  I’ve got a few more lamentations:

  1. I am now set for life on irony.  Too bad I didn’t have this story when I was in grade school (or on the GRE), since every writing prompt was some version of “write about an example of irony.” I’ve got it covered now: I guest-rode for Team Exergy at Tour of the Gila, did some of my best racing ever, and had the most fun week of my life with those guys.  I raced against all the big teams and famous riders.  It was a fairytale; a dream come true.  And I did pretty well, for an amateur.  Life was grand.  So of course I decided to take time off from school and chase the dream.  And about a week later I crashed at Bear Mountain, and that was pretty much the end of my career.  Ironic.
  2. Will anyone want to read a blog about some guy in grad school?  My dream, my exciting life, is over.
  3. I’ve put years of training and discipline into my current fitness.  And now I get to watch my body deteriorate.  It’s hard.
  4. I made a list of Boulder beers that I want to try when I’m allowed to drink again.  Then the doctor told me I can’t have any alcohol for an entire year, or my brain won’t heal fully.  So much for that.
  5. I try to make plans for dinner as much as I can, to avoid lonely evenings and help keep the blues away.  I’ve had folks cancel on me at the last minute; different people, sometimes several nights in a row.  Of course these things happen, but it hurts.

But apparently I don’t have it in me to make an entirely negative post:

A box full of cheer-me-up!

A box full of cheer-me-up!

I found this on my doorstep the other day.  A great friend and amazing person sent me a box of goodies!  And how could a package that looks like this not cheer me up?

An explosion of cheer!

An explosion of yay!

Thank you Sarah!


~ by awerbuch on May 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “…and another thing!”

  1. Graduate school is not so bad… it can be exciting too. And being a perpetual student has its advantages…

  2. Re point 2: Are you kidding? Grad school is totally awesome. Here’s a great blog about it!

    I’m just glad that you’re still ticking.

  3. […] mile 100.2 of an (otherwise) glorious spring training ride on March 19, 2011. It has been a long, difficult year, filled with new exciting adventures, and…challenges…to put it euphemistically. I wrote […]

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