Renegade Backpacker: Day 1

Whew, I needed that.

Some sun, some miles in the legs, and lots of thinking (sometimes about nothing).

I headed out for a short day hike on Friday morning, went about two blocks, and turned around. A day hike just wasn’t going to cut it; I needed to get some freedom and space after all the restrictions the doctors have placed on me. So I grabbed my hammock, some tried and true Rudy backpacking fuel (instant black beans, oats, nuts, etc), my sleeping bag, and my beloved coke-can stove…and that’s about it. No plan…or maps.

Beautiful day!

Beautiful day!

After about six hours, thirteen miles, and a bunch of uphill, I ended up at Walker ranch, and found the perfect spot.

A comfy home for the night.

A comfy home for the night. You'll have to excuse the facial expression; I was pretty tired.

No, you’re not allowed to camp at walker ranch.  Actually, there’s nowhere I can find within walking distance of my house where you are technically allowed to camp.  But between the hammock and micro camp stove, I would defy anyone to find any sign that I had been there.  I could camp in the same spot every night, and using this style would never wear the natural surroundings; even after weeks there would be no trace.  I think that’s a pretty cool aspect of the hammock.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though.  I was COLD…

The route, with a nod to CosmoA hike on 04/01/2011

I still didn’t know where I’d go in the morning.  Down Eldorado Canyon seemed the natural choice.  Then…hitch-hike up route 93 back to Boulder??  We’ll see…I’ll break this story up into two installments to cater to the attention span of the TV-era (also so I can go get my day started).  The rest tomorrow!


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