I just finished two days of thorough psychological testing to evaluate my brain in all aspects; memory, speed and accuracy in general cognitive processing, perception, reflexes, and a few basic physical tests.  It feels like I just finished my spring finals; that was exhausting!  Most of the results are still forthcoming.

I did find out a few things.  The psychologist said it was apparent that I had some kind of left/right imbalance, characterized by a deficiency on my left side.  My left hand was both slower and weaker than my right, even though my left is my dominant hand.  And my oversights in visual perception were almost all on the left side.

She also made some recommendations based on what she’s seen in my medical records and during the testing.  First, no bike riding for a least a couple months.  Probably no more racing ever, since another concussion at this point could make me a vegetable.  And no driving.  Also, no going to high elevations, particularly anything above 8,500′.  Oh, and no drinking either (oops).

Man, I can’t do anything!  How am I supposed to get around?  The bus is a good option, but at $2.50 each way, it gets pricey (I could just about take a cab for that if I’m only going a few miles), especially if I take a couple round-trips per day.  So I’m mostly walking.  It feels like rock-bottom in a way, but it has actually been a blessing in disguise.  It is so relaxing and gives me time to think (and thinking takes a long time nowadays!).

All the stress of the four hour testing sessions (two days in a row) left me needing to blow off some steam.  Impromptu backpacking!  A night in the woods can cure anything.  Well actually, I can’t really cure a thing, but it always makes me feel better.  Of course, there was some excitement.  Report coming soon!


~ by awerbuch on April 2, 2011.

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