Living the life

Hey, so I can’t ride, and maybe I’ll never race again, but I can still live the good life, no?  If I’m going to relax and kick back (or write MATLAB simulation code for modeling novel geothermal energy extraction systems), I’m going to do it in style and comfort.

My portable hammock by Boulder Creek.

My portable hammock by Boulder Creek. Close enough to the Boulder Public Library to get wifi.

I bought a basic backpacking hammock on a whim through a QBP order awhile ago, and man, it was worth it.

La vida dolce

La vida dolce

I bought some nylon webbing at the hardware store and cut it into two 10 foot lengths.  A friend very generously sewed one end of each piece into a loop, and voila!  I can wrap the rope around a tree, loop it back through the sewn loop, tie a loop at the convenient length of the free webbing end, and clip that loop to the hammock.  Repeat with the second webbing on another nearby tree for the opposite end of the hammock, and I’m carried off to a reclining nirvana.

Hammock diagram

Hammock diagram, not to scale. The hammock is in red, and the webbing is drawn in orange. The webbing is drawn as a black dashed line when it passes back through the looped ends, for clarity. The clips at each end of the hammock are also drawn in black.

The only problem is that I keep falling asleep instead of getting my work done.  Darn!


~ by awerbuch on March 29, 2011.

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