Life goes on

Fortunately (?) I have some experience dealing with head injuries (lucky me), so I have been keeping busy, being patient, and enjoying myself as best I can.  Last time, it took me awhile to discover that I could fulfill my exercise addiction with activities other than riding.  I’ve done Mt. Sanitas a couple of times, Green Mountain, and I plan to keep exploring.  Maybe I’ll start running.

The one and only Lauren Gifford is in town to look at CU Boulder for her Ph.D., and we’ve been living it up:

Mt. Sanitas

The summit of Mt. Sanitas

Lauren riding on the rack.

Lauren riding on the rack. I get so much satisfaction out of carting people around on my commuter bike. It's just a normal rack with a cushion.

I had my first ever taste of Absinthe at Lauren’s behest.

Absinthe House rooftop.  Rolling in style.

Absinthe House rooftop. Rolling in style. The bandaid looks much nicer than what's underneath.

Probably not the best thing for a head injury, but sure made for a mellow and enjoyable Saturday afternoon.

Kubler Absinthe

Kubler Absinthe. Done properly, with a sugar cube and 1:1 water dilution to bring out the bouquet of flavors. On the right is a rather poor glass of Sauvignon Blanc (it was happy hour).

Some fun times (and Yam chips at West End Tavern) with Hannah and Mike, and a tasty bowl of Sherpa stew with Corey later on rounded out a great day.


~ by awerbuch on March 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Life goes on”

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