Morning reflections

Good morning all!  Before I head out on the Gateway ride, I wanted to share a few thoughts that were bouncing around my head, in my sleep last night.

I was supposed to race the CU Boulder Crit today; I was nervous and excited.  Just a small race, but a big step towards my return to racing.  But just this week, the doctor said no go.  He wants to see the results of some more thorough neuropsychological testing scheduled for the end of this month.  I didn’t realize how amped I was to race again until I couldn’t.  Bummer.  Have we not learned our lesson yet?  Patience, patience!!

I got to make some friends (via a huge apple turnover and some shared dinner) by crashing the CU Cycling team dinner last night.  Really great bunch of folks, and super friendly!  And they have a super-secret training method:

CU Boulder Cycling's super-secret training technique

Matteo demonstrates CU Boulder Cycling's super-secret training technique.

Thanks guys!

One last thought: Not being allowed to race today was a big reality check, even though I’m fine and normal day-to-day.  I am still messed up.  I can’t get organized.  I forget everything.  According to friends parts of my personality have changed significantly.  Or been lost.  They say it takes years to heal the brain.  Essentially, I’ll be building back the parts of myself that are missing.

It’s your experiences that make you who you are.  I’ll have different experiences this time around, so naturally I’ll never be the same person.  But, I can pick and choose what experiences I pursue, and I can be conscious of my reaction to them.  I can shape how I rebuild myself, and who I become!  Aren’t these exciting times?

Oh yeah, and bike riding’s been sweet:

Beyond Flagstaff: "Wonder Vu"

Beyond Flagstaff: "Wonder Vu" (Goss Dam Rd)


~ by awerbuch on March 19, 2011.

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