Great ride today! I’m now laying with my legs up two feet from Boulder creek, in the 70-degree sun! Life is good.

Life is good!

Life is good! Laying in the sun, a few feet from the creek, picking up Wi-Fi from the Boulder Public Library (and getting some work done? or blogging instead!)

I came upon a very large man riding next to a very average (but tiny in comparison) woman on my way to Lefthand Canyon (for some intervals).  I gave a quick hello as I rode past, but as soon as I heard the thundering bass and smooth tone of the man’s voice, I knew it could only be…the famous…the only…Dave Towle!  And I never find Dave without a charming and talented female by his side, in this case it was none-other than the Amy Dombroski of international cyclocross fame.

Of course, I pulled out my phone/camera to snap a photo, for the blog.  Instantly, Dave’s makeup fairy stormed through, transforming Dave into a glowing, perfectly-dressed, and impeccably-groomed stud (you should have seem him without makeup!)  But alas, I left the phone’s memory card home, having just downloaded photos of a recent adventure for my many charming and intelligent readers.  So, as promised, here is my artist’s rendering of the scene:

Dave + Amy

That's Dave on the left, with muscles crushing his bicycle, and characteristic lightning-bolts he's always carrying around. Amy is on the right. As I recall, her bicycle was actually pink. Sorry, Dave, but you still don't get hair in my fantasy.

Great to see you both!


~ by awerbuch on March 16, 2011.

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