Go big or…

Well, hopefully the ending to the title is “AND go home” (drop the “or”). Going big or going home (but not both) sounds like an unpleasant experience. I hope to make it home…

Sorry, too early for such a digression! Still in a fog…

Today was awesome. I don’t have any photos, so I’ll keep the post short because I know TV has shortened the average attention span to 1.3 seconds.

I started with the (in)famous Gateway ride. The ride featured talent such as Scott Tietzel. The ride was fun and unremarkable until after the usual explosion on the climb up to the Carter Lake Dam. Then we got pulled over by the police. I think he was quite reasonable, but of course there were a few riders who felt the need to try to win the argument. I guess no one told them that they can’t win. Next week we might all be getting tickets.

Anyway, with some hard efforts in the legs, I turned north to head up Big Thomson Canyon, through Devil’s Gulch (sweet name) and to Estes Park. Of course it started snowing in Devil’s Gulch. Hard. I dressed pretty light, too, so as not to be overburdened for the Gateway ride.

I made it to Estes Park no problem (snow here doesn’t mean it’s not still 50 degrees!) and got some tasty treats (a gluten-free muffin and some hot water), and set out on the Peak to Peak, skirting the slopes of Longs Peak. A friendly CU Boulder rider (with bare legs!) caught up to me just outside of Estes and we rode together all the way until my turnoff at route 72. A much-appreciated diversion!

The gummy bears kept me feeling great the whole way to Ward (finally feeling acclimated!! woo!). I had a shot of Ultragen (a recovery powder that I sometimes stash in an empty Nuun tube for the end of long rides) and literally jumped out of the saddle, and hammered all the way to Nederland. Highly recommended!

A short rally down Boulder Canyon took me home. Six hours and twenty minutes, 122 mi, and 7,580 feet of climbing! Another day at the office 🙂

The Course.


~ by awerbuch on March 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “Go big or…”

  1. Rudy, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that MapMyRide link. You know better.

    I fixed it for you:

    If you’re using a GPS instead of tracing on a map, http://strava.com is good, too.

    Also checkout http://runkeeper.com, which has a nice (and free) smartphone app for tracking your current route against a route you drew up earlier. Also lets you export a GPX of completed rides to share with others/other mapping websites.

    Technical missteps aside, badass ride.

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  3. […] wasn’t just the long days.  Some of my fondest training memories were the days when Patrick paced me on the scooter.  Going […]

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