The Plunge

So, do I want to do this or not?  Well, now we’re really going to find out.  I decided to take a leave from school to race full time in April.  I had a severe concussion in May.  I spent the rest of 2010 recovering.  I’m still recovering.  I was given a great opportunity, to come to Colorado and ride for Rio Grande.  Everything was coming back my way.  Now, after Valley of the Sun, Rio Grande has asked me to leave.

Tough break.  I thought about quitting the sport.  The accident, the long road, now this?  Maybe go back to school and just racing with the ECCC (holla!).  But I’m here in Boulder.  My form is starting to come around. I’m getting hungry for some racing.  I LOVE riding my bike all day.  So the road continues.

My inspiration/namesake

My inspiration/namesake

Any teams looking to send another rider to some NRC stage races?  Or I’ll race alone.

Quitting is easy, and I can do it anytime.  I still might. But I’ll hold off on that while I still wake up every day and can’t wait to get on the bike.

Thank you all (you know who you are) for the support.  I’ve been given a lot of great advice these past few days.  It’s time I earned this nifty nickname.


~ by awerbuch on February 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Plunge”

  1. Just wanted to say that you have a ton of people who support you in NH no matter what you decide. Following a dream takes a lot of guts and your hard work has always been a tremendous personal example to me. I honestly would not have been the same rider and leader at Dartmouth had I never seen your role and example here.

    Godspeed Rudy

  2. Rudy man, that takes a lot of guts, I hope it works out and I’m sure you’ll make it happen!

  3. […] all disappeared in an instant in May 2010.  I recovered somewhat after that, but things were never right.  I spent a year not myself.  Check out this blog post I wrote the morning of my TBI this past […]

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