Winter Camp

What better place for a cycling team camp than Winter Park, CO?  Ten feet of snow, continual blowing squall, and temps in the single digits.  And the mountain home of the incredibly gracious Sue and Andy Pruitt pushed the weekend over the top.

I started out the trip with $1.00 happy hour sushi with Drew in Boulder, waiting for the departure.  We drove in the evening, and went straight to bed upon our arrival in anticipation of the big day of Nordic skiing ahead.  Since we drove in at night, I had no concept of where we actually were until our morning drive in the light.

This photo doesn't do the view any justice.

This photo doesn't do the view any justice.

We spent the morning skiing at Devil’s thumb.  Half the team worked on the basics, while the more experienced of us went for a ski.  I was somewhere in between, being a competent (although solidly mediocre) skier, but at 9,000 feet, I could only maintain a snail’s pace, having to stop and rest after 30 seconds if I pushed any faster.

The competition began with a time trial to determine the teams.  We each skied an abbreviated lap against the clock.  The fastest skier was paired with the slowest, second fastest with second slowest, and so on.  These were the relay teams for the main event: biathlon.

TeelaShootsPronePursuit3067.jpg: U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program biathlete Sgt. Jeremy Teela (far right) shoots a perfect 10 for 10 from the prone position en route to a 24th place finish Tuesday in the OIympic men's 12.5-kilometer pursuit at Whistler Olympic Park in British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs

Legit. Damn we look good. That's me in the black hat.

We were to ski a lap, grab a laser-rifle and shoot five targets in any order.  The instructor generously decided to forgo any penalty laps for missed shots, since the laser rifles were finicky and there were sure to be a lot of misses.  We were each to take turns, completing two laps and shoots per person for a total of four per team, followed by a fifth and final lap to allow for exciting close finishes (so we would finish with skiing rather than with shooting).

It was a blast; there were lots of changes in lead thanks to the team selection process.  In the end, Ian and I were third out of five teams.  Not too shabby!  Then lunch!

Lunch at Devils Thumb after some serious ski biathaloning.

Lunch at Devils Thumb after some serious ski biathloning.

Allen Krughoff (Hardcastle Photography) documented the whole weekend as our photographer.  It was great having him along, and I’ve already caught a sneak peak at some great images.

The photographer caught in action.

The photographer caught in action. Thanks Allen!


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