I’m famous

From: Facebook

Date: January 27, 2011 12:09:45 PM MST

To: Jonathan Awerbuch

Subject: Andy Coggan commented on a photo of you.
Andy Coggan commented on a photo of you.

Andy wrote:

“1. The best predictor of performance is performance itself- period. Ergo, if you *really* want to know how much power someone can sustain for ~1 h (i.e., their functional threshold power), the only way to find out is to have them ride flat-out for that duration.
2. That said, if you are going to attempt to *predict* someone’s performance based on blood lactate measurements, then determining MLSS is an excellent approach. The only reason that more people don’t use it (and the only reason that I initially steered Frank towards the Dmax method) is that it is a bit trickier to perform/more time-consuming than, e.g., a typical incremental exercise test.
3. As for whether using a 20 min test to *estimate* functional threshold power or conducting blood lactate testing is the better option, I would say that depends on the precise circumstance.”

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