Rio Grande

Rio Grande means “Big River” in english.  How do you like those spanish skills?

Knowing that the Rio Grande forms part of the Mexico-US border, I wondered what the heck the river would be doing all the way up in Colorado.  Delicious burritos, margaritas, and bike races, apparently!

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

The title sponsor. Product sponsorship anyone?

I got a call out of the blue from Scott, the team director, and he offered me a spot right there.  I was floored.  Yes, I sent them a nice email and a resume, like I did to several teams, but I didn’t actually expect to hear back.  Networking is the only way to really get your foot in the door, or so I thought.  And I was trying to network the heck out of a few teams, but I hadn’t found any connection to Rio Grande.  Well, lucky me.

Jose Cuervo

Another sponsor. This could be bad...

The team is a great fit; a focus on developing amateur riders into professionals, plenty of strong, experienced riders, and high-priority given to quality of personalities on the team and cohesion.  Spending your life traveling with teammates you can’t stand wouldn’t be too appealing.  Plus, I’m mister-high-qualitypersonality.  Perfect.

The details: the team is based in Fort Collins, CO.  Since I have no job lined up out there (and will be traveling/training/racing enough to make holding a job difficult), I am trying to find a place to crash for free/cheap in the vicinity (know of anything?  I’m a great cook! And handy around the house!).  Team camp is mid January, so I am planning to be out there by then.  I’ll train there through Feb, with a team trip to AZ for some suntanning and the Valley of the Sun Stage Race, and get to know my new teammates.  Then San Dimas and Redlands in March, then the usual big stage races (Gila, Hood, etc…) from there.  And maybe a flight back east for Battenkill.  Awesome!


~ by awerbuch on November 15, 2010.

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