Cyclocross update

If I’ve learned nothing sustaining a TBI in May (and maybe I HAVE learned nothing — there’s a lot of stuff I can’t recall!), it is that in order to achieve anything, one needs patience.  To succeed requires drive, effort, diligence, of course, but patience too.  As it has been with the past six months.

The doctor cleared me to exert myself full-bore again on the bike, finally, two weeks before Gloucester.  So my preparation for the race was a crash-course (no pun intended).  And the results were no surprise.  I got creamed.  Solidly.  Since October I’ve done a handful more cross races, and for the most part, the results have been the same.  They blow the whistle, everyone jumps on the gas, and me and my now-emaciated legs go backwards.  As the race goes on, others get tired, and I just keep plodding, picking a few people off one-by-one.

I’ve had some great fun — even at Gloucester, I caught a few people, and got more fired-up with each pass.  And that feeling of intensity and excitement of competition feels great, whether for 3rd or 43rd place.  And it’s also sucked.  Day 1 of Cycle-Smart this past weekend, I literally felt like crying.  I had never felt that during a race, ever.  There has been a lot of hard work, and at times it seems no results to show for it.  But Day 2 of Cycle-Smart this past weekend, (after getting shat out the back at the start, per usual) I went on a bit of a tear, and had a great time.

Sunday's ride-up

This ride-up humbled me again and again. I tried again and again. And finally I nailed it.

But I am improving.  Actually, in the last week, I’ve noticed that the clutch has just begun to drop in.  The legs are getting a little bigger and stronger.  I can power up hills I couldn’t make before.  Slow, oh so slow, but steady.  But remember — I wasn’t allowed to go hard at all until late September; it’s only been six weeks of hard efforts and racing.  Patience, patience.

But, BIG NEWS!  (you don’t think I’d leave you with a post of just sappy, reflective BS, and nothing exciting, do you?)  I just accepted an offer with a team, and there are very exciting things cooking for next season.  They involve a BIG MOVE in January.  I’ll fill you in on all the details next time.  I’ve made good progress in the last two months.  I’ve got five more months to get some serious fireworks prepped and ready for the first races of 2011.


~ by awerbuch on November 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Cyclocross update”

  1. It’s just awesome to see you back out there, Rudy. Glad you had a good weekend. I felt like crying, too, if it helps!

  2. I’m wicked excited to hear what your team news is! Big move?! Sweet.

  3. Well done my friend. It’s great to see you back racing – err, reading about your racing since I’m 5,000 miles away. Soooo, who’s the team who’s the team who’s the team?!

  4. sweet! congrats rudy! great to see you up and racing – psyched to hear about the big move.

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