A picture is worth?

(Author’s note: I stumbled upon this draft that was forgotten-about and never published.  Here’s a little time-warp back to March)

It’s too bad I don’t have Ryan Kelly’s rollercam setup, or else you would all have quite a treat waiting for you on the interblogs today. But no-one was around to capture a very magical moment in my cycling career. I will do my best to paint a vivid picture for you with words.

First I will set the scene: I just returned from some great big weeks in Asheville, and I have been bumbling around in a tired/cranky fog all day. I needed to ride. I was about to head out for a nice easy spin to clear my legs and my mind, but it started pouring the minute I went to step out the door. The rollers seemed like a great alternative to battling the traffic and the weather, so I queued up a really cool podcast (green architects’ lounge volume 5) and hit it.

They put out a great episode about passive solar building, touching on the basics, plus some interesting considerations about enginerds’ (like me) tendency to over-engineer solar solutions versus keeping it simple. But they also conceded that some interesting new technologies can provide significant performance improvements.  God I love passive solar thermal architecture.  Efficient AND beautiful.

Congratulations if you’ve made it through that last tangent. Here’s comes the good part. They finished off the episode with a neat tune called Horchata from Vampire Weekend’s latest album:

Vampire Weekend – Horchata

And I was in a great mood, so I just rocked out.  I was riding along in rhythm, headphones on, eyes shut, bouncing my head from side to side in rythm with the song and my pedaling, just blissed out.  And of course, right then I fell off the rollers and rocketed into the kitchen.  Kept the rubber side down, thankfully, but did leave a nasty skidmark on the wood floor!


~ by awerbuch on September 20, 2010.

One Response to “A picture is worth?”

  1. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I thought you would find this interesting: http://www.solarfeeds.com/ecofriend/14383-solaris-sun-shading-system-concept-from-jose-vicente-

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