A Race-free Summer Solstice

Rudy is hiking the Appalachian Trail solo for four days– no doubt eating dried fruit and nuts and contemplating time outside of training. While he’s gone I figured I’d break into his blog and ramble a bit.

Rudy running the bases in a game of wiffle ball at my birthday party last week.

It seems like bike racers are dropping left and right lately. In this last week alone I heard that one of my favorite bike racers people, Colin Jaskiewicz, is out with mono and the legendary Adam Myerson broke his wrist. And it seems that almost everyone who hears about Rudy’s crash has a story about missing a season from an accident or injury. Remember when Robbie King had patch angioplasty in 2007? (No? Read about it here and see a picture here)

On a positive note, my friend Amy just started cycling after a torn meniscus left her unable to run or play tennis, her usual hobbies. She bought a road bike a few days before surgery and was out riding it a little over a week later. Now she’s a regular pedal monster, though she is still unable to do the illusive reverse tripod dance move. Hopefully PT will remedy that.

The author (me) demonstrating the reverse tripod at a hipster New Years' party in Philadelphia.

In other cycling news:

– I raced Sunapee last month and did not come in last place. The highlight of this race was getting to ride most of it with Ryan Kelly, who was dropped from the 1/2/3 field. We had a great discussion about compost bin construction.
– I’m riding the Prouty on July 10. The Prouty a 100-mile fundraising ride that raises money for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center. If you want to contribute to my fundraising effort, click here.
– I’m dreaming of a bike tour. Maybe around Cuba, where I do research. Any thoughts or suggestions on the matter are greatly appreciated.

Havana in February 2006. Not a bad place for a bike tour, eh?

Also, and very important: Be on the lookout for the new grassroots New England 3/4 cycling team Sweet Open Roads p/b The Bike Hub. More on this soon.


~ by laurengiff on June 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Race-free Summer Solstice”

  1. Once I thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored.

  2. Adam:
    !. You don’t need to use your last name.
    2. NEVER make fun of Colin by quoting Wayne’s World.
    3. Herman.

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