I write from sunny Boca Raton, FL, the universally agreed-upon paradise for all people over age 75.  I am enjoying a perk of my otherwise less-than-ideal state; I am visiting my grandparents on their 65th wedding anniversary.  Amazing, no?  Sixty-five years.  I look to them to learn how to live right.

We share quite a bit in common already, and even more now since my little mishap.  We all commiserate about how much weight we lost in the hospital, and how disoriented we were following our hospital stay.  None of us can remember anything, and we get disoriented easily.  We are all resting in the hopes of gradually improving our physical and mental stamina.  And we all love avocados, low-fat cottage cheese, and fruit.

I fit in well here.  Maybe there is something to all this genetics mumbo-jumbo.  After breakfast (which included avocado and cottage cheese) we all took naps of several hour duration.  Perhaps later we’ll go to the pool.  Life is good.

The Awerbuchs

From left to right: Sabba, me, Sapta. See any similarity? (Photo from last visit, 9/2009).

I am exceptional in some ways, and I will bask in the glory while I can.  I can lift the 8 pound package of bottled waters.  I can go into the pool, even if it is still springtime and the water is only 85 degrees.  And I may actually be the fastest walker, although if so, only by a small margin.  I am of average height when I am here.  It’s good to be with family.

We all have similar scars on our torsos.  They love mine, and aren’t at all squeamish like I would have expected.  “Looks like a zipper!” my grandfather joked.

A quick update on bike riding: It’s been a long few weeks, but I have begun to make peace with the situation.  I have found that rather than just sitting back and doing nothing (“resting”), which is difficult and unsatisfying, I must find what it is that I enjoy besides cycling.  So far this has been Lauren, friends, a little engineering, and family.  I am determined to enjoy my year off from school, ironic injury be-damned.  Backpacking is up next, and hopefully a part-time job.  And morale has improved.  I am not the first racer to lose most of a season to a mishap.  It happens to the pros all too often.  And like them, I will just come back stronger.


~ by awerbuch on June 13, 2010.

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  1. Glad to hear it, Rudy. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

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