Bike ride!

This normally wouldn’t be blog worthy news, but I made it out for a bike ride today!  And it was nice.  I went down to the farmstand and picked up some fresh eggs for my mother.  And took the new Caad 9 for a spin.  Since the carbon Felt I was riding is very very broken…

It was everything I could have imagined.  And by the look on my mom’s face when I left and when I got home, it seems as though I’ve gotten away with murder here 🙂

So, to give you all a quick update: slowly and surely…

Staples come out this weekend.


~ by awerbuch on May 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Bike ride!”

  1. Great news Rudy!!

  2. Yeah!!! Glad you are back on the bike. Take it easy.

  3. […] all disappeared in an instant in May 2010.  I recovered somewhat after that, but things were never right.  I spent a year not myself.  Check out this […]

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