Thank you to Ryan Kelly

There were some dark days in the hospital.  Dark, literally, as in I don’t remember anything from Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…

And, having cut my stomach open in search of internal bleeding, I needed to stay in said hospital until I….ahem…could prove physically that said dissected stomach was still functional even with the new titanium staples.  (They also may have wanted to see my brain function normally in addition to my stomach).  Let’s just say that passing gas was the ‘hardest’ proof I could offer those days of my jello and apple-juice diet.

The TV was bad.  The window let in no outside light. The clock on the wall was stuck on “Monday”, and gave no indication of AM or PM.  There was little to keep one sane in the staleness of my hospital room.  Add in my own confusion and the absence of any memory of how long I had been there, and things become of b-class movie material.  Luckily, I had something to hold on to in the lonesome twighlight.  Something to keep my own reality lucid: somehow, I found this in my race bag.  Inexplicable? Yes. Destiny? Perhaps…

Thank you Ryan Kelly!  My attention to Twitter through most days in the winter of 2009 led me to become victorious in a little contest: Upon receiving the jury duty notice,Ryan volunteered to send an honest *handwritten letter* along with the notice to the first person to reply to his tweet.  I excitedly replied, and anxiously awaited the prize:

I’ve been feeling ok, eating lots, and everyone keeps telling me that I am doing better all the time.  To be honest, it is hard to notice the progress, but it’s nice to hear that my brain is improving each day, even if I can’t see myself.  I am starting to miss bike riding…back on two wheels soon, I hope!


~ by awerbuch on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “Thank you to Ryan Kelly”

  1. The Blackout Cam (see Item 2 under “Devices Ryan Thinks Rudy Should Invent”) could be adapted for bike races in which one suffers a brain injury. Just replace/augment the BAC detection with accelerometers.

    It could keep a constant record of the previous 2 minutes in volatile memory (reduced power consumption, smaller battery, less weight, longer record time; no fragile hard drive), and then save them to disk (flash drive obvs) and continue recording when data not consistent with with the forces generally involved with bike racing are detected.

    Not sure how long to make the recording last after the non-bike racing forces though—maybe two minutes or uninterrupted “normal” bike racing sensations?

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