Girls on Bikes

If you’re reading today in hope of finding a story about an epic ride, run-ins with cycling celebrities, or naked pics of Sexy Lexy, this blog entry is not for you. But it does include pictures of happy women riding bikes, a psychopathic goose and a semi-wild party. The best pics are after the jump.


Last week two of my friends bought their first road bikes. On Saturday I led them on their maiden voyage along quiet dirt roads in Norwich. I haven’t seen my friends so happy in quite a while. I took my camera along for the ride. Here are some of the best shots.


Riding along Upper Turnpike Road, Norwich, Vermont.

Amy on her first road ride ever!

Becky is catching up to me...


Amy greets Peaches, the goose who lives with her parents. He bites people, and because he was being such a creepy lurker, I re-named him Freddy Krueger.

Some other ladies we saw on the ride.

Post-ride, post-shower dinner party.

And this is how the day ended.


~ by laurengiff on May 6, 2010.

One Response to “Girls on Bikes”

  1. Hey thanks for the Prouty plug! And for the bike shorts which are featured on my ass shot above 🙂

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