Tour of the Gila Update

Rudy is prepping for the final day of Gila on Sunday. It’s supposed to be one of the most difficult road races of the season. So far he’s hanging in there. The second day road race was a doozie with winds up to 60 mph. Apparently the winds were so strong the finish camera stopped working and the papers with everyone’s race numbers blew away, so results for that day were pretty mixed up—Rudy wasn’t even listed.

Yesterday’s individual time trial went fine, though The Rud says he needs to spend some more time on his TT bike. He finished 7:55 behind winner Jesse Sergent of Trek Livstrong.

This afternoon was the crit, but I don’t have an update on that because I was at a party celebrating my friend Devin who just got tenure at Dartmouth. Go Associate Professor Balkcom!

Here’s a photo from Wednesday’s windy road race. Rudy is in the front.

Photo via the Tour of the Gila website.

In possibly the most dramatic news of the week, Rudy has a moustache. He says it’s a sort-of team initiation, which is weird because Chris Hong doesn’t have one.


Coming soon: My cycling dream team. Think of who you’d have on your cycling dream team and be ready to weigh in.



~ by laurengiff on May 1, 2010.

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