A War on Cyclocosm.com and other Musings (from Lauren)

While Rudy is away I’m using this time to turn his blog into my own little attempt to break the Cyclocosm.com monopoly. Want some opinions on cycling? Read here. Mine will be much more cheery and less knowledgeable than Cosmo’s. But a battle is a battle, even if it only goes on for a few hours, or minutes. Think the Anglo-Zanzibar War of cycling.

Here's a pic of Cosmo at the 2009 Portsmouth crit. He was in a break for a bit in that race. Don't forget it.

As I type, Rudy is racing stage two of Tour of the Gila in New Mexico. Yesterday he did pretty well, coming in just 3:32 behind winner Levi Leipheimer on a mountain finish. The rest of the race is supposed to be windy, hilly and fast.

Our friend– and my new drinking buddy– Arielle Filiberti, is also out at Gila, racing for Specialized D4W/Bicycle Haus. Arielle, a junior at Dartmouth and a member of the nordic ski team, is squeezing in Gila between her win at the ECCC Eastern’s crit last weekend and Collegiate Nationals next week. Go Arielle!

In other women’s cycling news, I think the fact that Peanut Butter & Co. is sponsoring a team this year is brilliant. This is the maker of chocolate peanut butter deliciousness, folks. The only thing better I could imagine would be Team Nutella or Team Chocolate-Covered Pretzel.

A few weeks ago Will Dugan posted a picture of him and his sister on his blog. The masses went crazy. Everyone wanted to be friends with Will in hopes of meeting his hot sister. I have a hunch that if I post a photo of my brother, it will have the exact opposite effect. People will flee from my internet presence en mass…

This is my older brother Adam. Please do not judge him by his website. Or his other website.

Adam at the Vermont 100 in 2008.. er, the Vermont 50.

And, because this is a blog about Rudy, here’s an oldie but goodie from last summer’s Yarmouth Clam Fest where Rudy was crashed out with about three feet to go. I love the juxtaposition of blood and pie.

Go Noreast!

That’s all for now. I don’t want Cosmo to feel too threatened. But dear readers (Adam, Robbie, mom) please leave a comment and let us know what’s on your mind.


~ by laurengiff on April 29, 2010.

8 Responses to “A War on Cyclocosm.com and other Musings (from Lauren)”

  1. LGiff you need to do this full-time. I ruv you.

  2. Well, I checked up on Rudy’s blog to hear about him bumping uglies with Lance. But this was a satisfying read.

  3. Thanks George and Em…
    George, if you really care you’d add this blog to your students’ assigned reading.

  4. Dear Lauren,

    I would like to give up my cushy sponsorship with La Sportiva so that I can dedicate my time to racing with Team Chocolate Covered Pretzel. Please send me an application.

    Adam C. Gifford

  5. To: Lauren D. Gifford
    From: Adam C. Gifford
    Re: Request for retraction

    That picture that you posted was from the Vermont 50, not the Vermont 100…there is a 50 mile difference between the two races and the 100 allows horses but not bicyclers.

  6. Hey Egg, Tito Ramirez is wrestling Mr. Congeniality in half an hour…… Teddy says Mr. Congeniality doesnt stand a chance.

  7. I am not threatened and indeed enjoy your perspectives. And that is a nice picture of me. I was unaware of its existence.

  8. […] Cycling Dream Team, aka Team Chocolate-Covered Pretzel In an earlier post I wrote that Team Chocolate-Covered Pretzel was the best team sponsorship I could imagine. Since […]

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