Whirlwind Norwich Expedition

I ducked out of the lab early and sprinted home to meet Darrell.  We threw my stuff in the car and in no time were pushing 80 up I-91, blasting country and singing along.

Dhoy rocking the Rudy specs. The man looks good. (Photo: Rudy)

Welcome to Vermont. Sniped at 80 mph (by Rudy).

We crossed Ledyard Bridge a few minutes after three.  Darrell was riding up Route 5 (and I was drinking espresso and cocoa with Mike at the upper valley’s finest) by 3:30!

After some great time with Mike, I warmed up (through sudden torrential downpours) and met Patrick at the Norwich house with the trusty pink moto.  We decided to go out and back on Route 5.  The next hour is a blur in my memory.  Lots of road spray and grime covering my glasses.  A brown flash underneath us, and the smell of cow dung.  Grunting instead of speaking while trying to yell “too much!”  Thetford.  Suffering, and Patrick shouting at me.  Flying into North Thetford, a sharp bend, “I can’t see!” — riding on grass.  Searing pain.  The top.  Downhill.  Fairlee.  Halfway there — flip it.  More climbing.  Coughing.  The sharp bend, made it this time.  Back up the hill, last big effort.  Coughing.  Flying into Thetford.  Finally cough up something, cross the Ompomp. River.  Three more rollers.  Two.  One.  Shower.


There's nothing better than The Inn with friends. Clockwise around the table, beginning with Rudy (empty seat): Sean, Norah, Joe, Darrell, Patrick, Claire, Mike Holmes (Not pictured, Michael Rea, Paul, Mike #3, Zach, and me. Photo: Rudy)

Darrell and I were both glowing for the whole drive home.

Bed before 1:00.


~ by awerbuch on April 9, 2010.

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