Johnny Cake Roundup

My first real race (wasn’t quite feelin it for earlier “races”) of the year.  I even got excited the night before.  And woke up a little giddy in the morning.  I love racing!

Met up with the CCNS guys (aka “team petrol”, since we had six cars for six guys, since we were all going in different directions after).  The guys hammered me on a warm up lap, maybe because I wore a NorEast windbreaker (was this pre-planned, like my hazing last fall?).  I, of course, kept breathing through my nose, feigning complete comfort.

Aidan got in an early move of three.  I followed suit in a two-man flyer for a lap, but we were all shut down when the field got impatient.  Crosswinds near the start/finish strung the field out on the centerline (and well into the left lane, right in front of many angry officials), and as legs lost their initial freshness, the field split.  We were in good position with Ryan, Dave, and Ron in the front group.

It was soon clear that the race was undoubtedly up the road.  Ryan thundered to 2nd (leaving notable folks like Roger Aspholm in his wake).  I went on a personal quest for suffering (and training, and avoiding boredom) by going in another small move (and holding out for 37th or something, results not up yet).  Aidan stopped in at the parking lot out of concern, to check on his dog (sorry ladies, he’s taken).

Our massive winnings bought lunch at nearby Marco’s Diner (“Real food for real people”, TM), where good food and great times (but no water — the town water was all contaminated and unsafe!) were had by all.


~ by awerbuch on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “Johnny Cake Roundup”

  1. More details! how long was the race, where was it, more about the suffering. Keep it up cuz, nice to see updates.

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