good ole days

It was a memorable last day in Asheville, kicked off in the normal fashion with a bowl of Bob’s Red Mill 7-grain (fittingly, the last of the package) and a nice brew from Cosmo’s deluxe Moka Pot. And what a gorgeous morning — almost 60 degrees by breakfast time. The plan was to drive everyone to Black Mountain, NC, where we’d all do versions of the Jumanji ride to suit our goals for the day. I had forgotten what rolling with a college team was like — we were finally on the road at the nice fresh hour of 12:30!

The alma mater and some good old friends (photo: Michael Rea)

But it was good to be kicking it with the team again, blasting country and singing with DHoy.

Darrell and I should go on tour (photo: Rudy)

Darrrell is the man!

Darrell Hoy and me on the way to Jumanji

And it’s been awhile since I’ve caravanned with a sprinter van!

Getting trailed by the Sprinter

Once we arrived in Black Mountain (around 1:15), and the dust had settled (and a car went back home with the people who forgot their shoes, etc.), my body said it’s time for lunch, not time for riding. After all was said and done (and muffins consumed), Michael and I hit it around 2:00, sporting shorts and arm-warmers. Nice.

Put down some good miles (sorry for cracking you, Michael), then headed into town for a last meal with the kids at Ed Bordreaux’s. A great time had by all. Like old times!


~ by awerbuch on April 3, 2010.

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