Easy day?

Three hours endurance is easy? It’s feeling like it these days, after some long, hard rides!

I came across a man pushing an old green 10-speed with a loaded rack, fenders, and a cardboard sign that said “Food, $” up Ox Creek Rd. “Mt. Mitchell,” he told me, when I asked where he’s headed. I told him that there’s still a bunch of snow blocking the road. “How deep?” It probably wasn’t too deep to walk through, I’d guess, and told him so. “Nice bike — Pinarr… how do you say that? Think I saw one in a magazine once…” I said thanks, and was on my way up to Craggy Gardens.

What a gorgeous day. Here are some photos from the Parkway.

I always wear a helmet...except when I'm noodling along at 8 mph on a closed-to-traffic hour-long climb. Safer than doing the laundry.

Self-photography skills.

Gorgeous views from up high

Lots of snow up at Craggy Gardens -- they plowed out one lane for a ways.

End of the line

I saw the man again on my way down. In the two hours since I’d seen him, he’d made it to the top of Ox Creek, and turned up the parkway — a mile, maybe two.  And still 15 or 20 miles from the base of Mt. Mitchell.  I hope he had a warm sleeping bag in that pile of gear strapped to his rack…  I told him there was still snow on the road up there, and wished him good luck.

Stay tuned! I’m working on an article about hydration, my experiences with (and without) it, and some tips and tricks.  Coming soon!


~ by awerbuch on March 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Easy day?”

  1. So, did you give the guy food or money? He’s due some royalties for appearing in your blog.

    • You’re right. I’ll look him up on Linkedin and wire him the funds. Or maybe he wants to set up a LLC and then we can both get rich when we go public.

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