I love knowing where my food comes from.  There is something about knowing the details of every step of the process, from the sun’s energy (excuse the literal engineer-nerd-ness here) to my plate.  So naturally, when I saw a hand-carved sign for “Bison Meat, 1mi” on a dirt side road off of Ox-Creek road (yes, I am training in Asheville and it is freaking awesome), I got all tingly and excited.

An 8oz burger last night settled my excitement.  yay.  (and ouch!)

Everything (except the messy stuff) is done on-site.  The farmer (who, we gathered, used to be a geology professor) introduced us to his herd of 19 lively buffalo.  They are smarter than cows, for sure.  Curious about us, seemingly aware of their surroundings, and they don’t poop on each other, at least from what I could tell.  And living happily on a beautiful farm in the North Carolina countryside. The farmer was kind enough to snap a photo:

Cosmo, Adam, and me.

I can’t wait to cook up the tongue tomorrow!  Darrel is going to flip…


~ by awerbuch on March 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Bison!”

  1. How’d that tongue come out? Did you have to cook the bejeezus out of it? Sounds tasty, but the idea of tastebuds everywhere is scary!

    • Probably should have cooked it more…but man, it was darn tasty. We boiled it with onions. I think it needed another hour or so, but we got impatient. Had it in soup the first night, then made a sandwich out of the leftovers the next day! Tasty!

  2. […] training camp can be one of the most fun bonding experiences of your life.  Riding hard all day.  Cooking big, fat meals at night.  (Maybe scraping lost/dead teammates off the road).  Then doing it all again […]

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