It was a suspenseful evening in the Dartmouth camp, with an odd story to tell. Two riders, Kimberly and Ben, didn’t come home. They had split off to ride their own pace earlier in the day, and five hours later, when the last, tired riders had filtered home and showered, we all began to worry.

Apparently, after a few wrong turns and many miles, Ben was getting tired, so they split up, with the intention that Kimberly would ride home and come back with a car. Well, apparently Kimberly ended up a very lost, and hitchhiking from a bar (which was bumpin’, being almost dark at this point).

Back at the house, everyone had long since freaked out, and Michael and Matt went out to search for them. Kimberly spotted the sprinter van from the car, which, luckily, was stopped on the side of the road, helping a random distressed car (karma pays off, huh?). Long story short, in the end, they found Ben at the Madison County sheriff’s office (in the sweet town of Marshall, NC), where he had been for hours, with no phone numbers and no idea how to get back.


All four beleaguered travelers finally arrived home around midnight, after some Waffle House to boost morale. Glad to have them both back safely!


~ by awerbuch on March 21, 2010.

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  1. […] experiences of your life.  Riding hard all day.  Cooking big, fat meals at night.  (Maybe scraping lost/dead teammates off the road).  Then doing it all again the next day.  Sometimes going into town to buy BBQ pork, […]

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