Marshall y Luca

It was a B-E-A-utiful day down here in Asheville.

Gooood morning!

A balmy morning indeed, greets us in the mountains of Asheville

I left for riding early to get some structure done, then met up with the Dartmouth College cyclists for some endurance.  After a quick stop in Weaverville at the Well-Bred Bakery for some H2O and coke, we headed for the hills of Madison County (heh).  After splitting off, Michael and I breezed into the remarkable town of Marshall, NC, which sports an awesome cafe and a gorgeous town hall building and fire station.

We saw a nice bike outside the cafe, and tried to size up its owner, dressed head to toe in Kenda.  After a tentative “Are you from around here?” I learned it was Luca Damiani, who is training in Asheville for a couple weeks.  He mentioned he was on his own until Davide Frattinni returns from San Demas and Redlands, so of course I invited him for coffee or dinner (or a ride).  He declined, citing the need to sleep all day to get ready for his intervals tomorrow.  After some more small talk, two cans of sprite (pro secret?), and a shameless cell-phone photo, we parted ways.

Luca y Io

Luca y Io en Marshall

I think some watts rubbed off on me, because I hammered Michael into the ground during the remainder of the ride.


~ by awerbuch on March 20, 2010.

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