Cop out

Tough day today.  I’m cracked.  Highlights include: 1) a construction worker yelling “Yeah dawg!” when I bunny hopped a big vertical crack in the road; 2) serious consideration, as I slogged home, to camping out at the bottom of the (0.7mi x 24%) driveway and waiting for the Dartmouth Cycling Team to come through in the early morning and give me a ride to the top; and 3) a mid-ride phone check-in with my top-notch (and stunningly beautiful) manager (

Stay tuned for pictures of our epic driveway.

But, since I can’t think straight from riding, I’m going to cop-out a bit with this entry and do a poll.


~ by awerbuch on March 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Cop out”

  1. Other: I want the person who has rudy.wordpress, but doesn’t use it, to fork it over. Can Cosmo or other Internet magicians like Ryan T. Kelly make that happen?

  2. Maybe you could go with something witty, like


    or maybe “rudyral” which is a play on ruderal, which is a botanic term for plants that grow among waste or refuse. personally i find this rather inspiring.

    or maybe you could just be, having such a rosy complexion and bright smile.

  3. “A lot” is two words. And I love Isaiah.

  4. Some suggestions for “other” were:

    I’ve also recieved
    @rudysmiles (I like this one)

  5. […] the bus home, rather than ride that mile.  I had nothing left.  That truly was a great day.  Or days like this.  You wouldn’t understand… Scoots […]

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