Just another long ride

I had a great, long ride in Asheville today.  I know that you’re all sick of hearing report after self-absorbed report about so many hours kJ’s, miles, vertical, etc.  You all know me (or will sooner or later), so you know I did a million of each.  But I’ll focus on the highlights.

We started out with Adam Sullivan (who is staying with us in exchange for supplying incredible spelt bread and other tasty treats), Matt Nichols from Dartmouth, and Doug from the Yale team.  After dropping Matt and Doug off at the BRP after all climbing up 276 together (shredding the whole way), Adam and I headed off for more.

After rolling down 276 and up 215, Adam and I hit my favorite section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we were so cracked we took sweet tourism-style photos.  It rolls along a narrow ridge (between routes 276 and 215), up and down around 5600+ ft.  Awesome views.

Hanging on by a thread

Photo credit: Rudy

Photo: Rudy

Photo: Adam

Hammering down the descent from Pisgah, I saw a guy carving up the gradually descending closed road on his longboard.  Pretty cool, I think.  And looks like a good time.  Of course, thinking “saftey first” in my semi-cracked brain, I shouted “rider” and scared the crap out of the guy, who jumped off his board and onto the shoulder.  I apologized, and continued on my way.

Then, when we (eventually) got back to the car, I still had another 20 minutes scheduled for training, so I turned around for a few extra miles on the BRP.  I’ll let you all in on a super special secret training method.  No, it’s not motorpacing, but it’s guaranteed to make you fast as heck, especially after six hours in the saddle.  Check it out:

My new friend Tim, getting a tow up the hill. And myself, churning out kJs. Photo: Adam

Watch out, I’m going to be climbing fast this year…

Another great day in Asheville!


~ by awerbuch on March 17, 2010.

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  1. My beautiful american cousin!!!!How are you???? Kisses from Italy!

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